Poster Schedule

Poster Presentations will occur both Friday and Saturday during lunch. Posters can be up to  4′  (1.2 m) high by 6′ (1.82 m) wide. Presenters should arrive a few minutes early to set up your posters and posters should be taken down by 5pm of your presentation day.

Poster Schedule (look for your number at the session)

Session 1

  1. Yi-Chou Chen*, T. C. Tseng, T. H. Hung, & T. A. Stoffregen

Postural Dynamics of Motion Sickness in Elite Adolescent Male Boxers

  1. Jeh Cooper*, Taleri Hammack, Lucas Lemasters & John Flach

Detecting Structure in Activity Sequences: Exploring the Hot Hand Phenomenon

  1. Simon de Vries* & R.G. Withagen

Transfer of attunement in dynamic touch

  1. Eric Haaland*, Justin Munafo, & Thomas A Stoffregen

Perception of maximum sitting height from photographic stimuli in a classroom setting

  1. Leah Hartman*, Bliss Altenhoff, Irfan Kil, Kumar Prateek, Karla Romero, Chris Pagano, Tim Burg, & Joseph Singapogu

Haptic perception of distance-to-break for compliant tissues during unidirectional forward movement in a surgical simulator

  1. Frank C. Koslucher*, Eric Haaland, & Thomas A. Stoffregen

Sexual dimorphism contributes to sex differences in susceptibility to motion sickness

  1. Justin Munafo*, Thomas Stoffregen, & Mike Wade

Subjective reports and postural performance among elderly passengers on a sea voyage

  1. Dean Smith*, Kelsey Venis, Rebecca Feczer, Mark Walsh, Matthew Haug, Eric Slattery, & Susan Blasi

Effect of posture on a head repositioning and ‘head still’ task

  1. Tom Stoffregen*, Manuel Varlet, Fu-Chen Chen, Cristina Alcantara, & Benoit G. Bardy

Postural effects of interpersonal visual contact sea

10. Adam Strang*, Christopher Best, Gregory Funke, & Sheldon Russell

Characterizing temporal patterns in team communication in a large-scale air-combat simulation training exercise

11.  Brandon Thomas* & Michael A. Riley

Perceived affordances for remembered objects depends on functional task constraints

12.  Michael Tolston*, Sara Schneider, Andrew Yockey, Christal Hammons, Michael A. Riley, Michael J. Richardson, & Kevin Shockley

Effects of linguistic constraints on interpersonal postural and syntactic coordination

13.  Xiaoye Michael Wang*, Jing Samantha Pan, & Dr. Geoffrey Bingham

Global optical flow aids scene perception under conditions simulating low vision

14.  Julie A Weast*, Kevin D. Shockley, Michael A. Riley, Michael J. Richardson, & Sarah Cummins-Sebree

Informational constraints on perception of maximum reach-with-jump force others


Session 2

  1. Rachel Aron* and Christopher Wolfe

Trash talk: The effect of tone and target framing on recycling behavior and attitude

  1. Scott Bonnette*, Michael T. Tolston, & Michael A. Riley

Sample Entropy and Shannon Entropy from Recurrence Quantification Analysis: A Comparison of Concepts and Calculations

  1. Samuel M. Breheim*, Charles A. Coey, & Michael J. Richardson

Following the Beat: How 1/f Scaling Transfers Across Systems

  1. Brian Day* & Jeffrey Wagman

Perception of Maximum Stepping and Leaping Distances

  1. Justin Hassebrock*, Jayne Nagey, Jason Stone, Boyce Tolson, Henry Cook IV & L. James Smart

Coordinative dynamics: Joint action synergies during a cooperative puzzle task

  1. Rob Mahoney* & Tehran Davis

Stepping affordance across modalities

  1. Colin G. Martin*, Zachary L. Taylor, Scott Bonnette, Catherine Quatman-Yates, & Michael A. Riley

A comparison of detrended fluctuation and adaptive fractal analyses of postural sway variability in adolescents with athletically induced mild traumatic brain injuries.

  1. Sara Schneider*, Michael Tolston, & Kevin Shockley

The effect of discontinuous transitions in story structure on postural sway dynamics

  1. Jason Stone*, Hannah Walter, Rick Payne, Boyce Tolson, David Gorley, Justin Hassebrock, & Henry Cook IV

Task Specific Behavioral Adaptation in a Virtual Environment

10. Harvey Thurmer*, Rachelle Wolf**, Henry Cook, William Berg, & L. James Smart

The effectiveness of the Alexander technique in reducing static upper body muscle tension in collegiate violin and viola performers

11. Hannah Walter*, Rick Payne, Boyce Tolson, Lauren Fotta, Justin Hassebrock, & Henry Cook IV

Sin and Punishment: Behavioral Adaptation in a Virtual Environment

12.  Trenton Wirth*, Joubert Lucas, Butovens Médé, Scott Bonnette, & Michael A. Riley

The role of posture in facilitating auditory localization tasks




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