ICPA 19 – Seoul, Korea

Just to let you know that this year’s conference on perception and action will be in Seoul, Korea in July (2017) – here is the link to the conference website:




Safe Journey Home

Just wanted to say to everyone, thanks for making this a great meeting and we hope everyone got something meaningful out of it! Please be safe on you way to your next destinations and keep up the great research!

Also if you had the foresight to take pictures – could you please send us a copy at isepna2014@gmail.com or smartlj@miamioh.edu.


Jay, Henry, & Justin

Fantastic First Day…prepping for day two

It is a good sign when I am writing about the first day four hours before setting up for the next day. I have learned a lot and am excited about all the excellent research being presented, the discussions being held, and the potential for future collaborations being launched!

Couple of program notes for Saturday:

A tour of the Smale Visualization Center Directed by Dr. Eric Hodgson  (which houses Miami’s CAVE and a number of immersive and 3D virtual technologies) is available during the lunch/poster session (12p – 2pm). The Center is located in Laws Halls (on High Street, a 2 min walk from the Psychology Building).

Dr. Claudia Carello will be giving the last talk in place of Dr. Shaw.

See you in a few hours…

Great seeing Everyone

It was really nice seeing everyone at the reception tonight! For those coming in tomorrow there will be a table for you to check-in, grab your name tag and program and register (if bringing registration fee – make check out to “Miami University”).

There will be breakfast in the Psychology Building (yes, it is called “Psychology Building”).

See you in the morning!

Looking forward to seeing everyone

Well…Here we are, the weather was rocky today (Wednesday) but the outlook looks wonderful for the meeting (highs in the mid 70’s and sunny all three days). If you get in Thursday afternoon be sure to stop by the Psychology building for some refreshments and to check in (will also be able to check in on Friday and Saturday).

The Program is posted on the About-meeting schedule page (and will also be available in hardcopy).


Look forward to seeing and learning from you all!!

Information for Paper Presenters

The presentation computer is a windows 7 PC with office 2010 – to use this you can send your talk to Jay Smart (smartlj@miamioh.edu) or bring a flashdrive. Alternately you can use your own laptop (as long as it can output to VGA or has a VGA adapter).

If your presentation depends on more current software (productivity or media) – would be best to bring your own computer.

Online Registration

While today is the last day to request a refund – online registration will remain open until June 3rd.

Again if you plan to register in person please write isepna2014@gmail.com or smartlj@miamioh.edu

See you next week!!