About-Meeting schedule

This meeting of the International Society for Ecological Psychology follows the tradition of having “smaller” national meetings in between the biannual international meetings. As always this meeting has a little something for just about everyone who is interested in issues of perception and action –  whether basic science or direct application is your forte. This is the second time that Miami University has been honored with hosting this meeting (Miami has also hosted an international meeting as well). We hope you enjoy your visit to our campus and leave encouraged and enlightened.

-Jay Smart

psybld ext1


Conference Schedule


Welcome Reception                        Psychology Building atrium  5 – 7pm



Continental Breakfast                     Psychology Bldg atrium       8 – 9 am

Morning Symposium I:                   Psychology Bldg 125           9:15 am – 11:45 am

“Mace-height” scaled Perception and Action: What’s next for Ecological Psychology

Participants: Dr. Geoff Bingham, Dr. Jay Smart, Dr. Rik Warren, Dr. Micheal Turvey, & Dr. Bill Mace

Morning Break                                 Psychology Bldg atrium    10:30 am

Poster session I/ Lunch                  Marcum Center 180-4-6     12p – 2p

Afternoon Open Session I              Psychology Bldg 125          2:15 pm – 4:45 pm

Afternoon Break                             Psychology Bldg atrium      3:30 pm

Conference Banquet                     Marcum Center 154-8          6:30 pm

Social Activities                                   Uptown Oxford                       9 pm (ish)



Continental Breakfast                     Psychology Bldg atrium          8 – 9 am

Morning Symposium II:                    Psychology Bldg 125            9:15 am – 11:45 am

Exploring the Complexities of Len Marks’s Affordances: Evolution of the Concept

Participants: Dr. Jeff Wagman, Dr. Tom Stoffregen, Dr. Marvin Dainoff, Dr. Claire Micheals, & Dr. Len Mark

Morning Break                                 Psychology Bldg                  10:30 am

Poster session II/ Lunch                 Marcum Center 180-4-6      12p – 2p

Afternoon Open Session II              Psychology Bldg 125          2:15 pm – 4:45 pm

Afternoon Break                               Psychology Bldg Atrium     3:30 pm

Departures                                        after 5pm or Sunday morning


 ISEP-NA 2014 Program


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