Fantastic First Day…prepping for day two

It is a good sign when I am writing about the first day four hours before setting up for the next day. I have learned a lot and am excited about all the excellent research being presented, the discussions being held, and the potential for future collaborations being launched!

Couple of program notes for Saturday:

A tour of the Smale Visualization Center Directed by Dr. Eric Hodgson  (which houses Miami’s CAVE and a number of immersive and 3D virtual technologies) is available during the lunch/poster session (12p – 2pm). The Center is located in Laws Halls (on High Street, a 2 min walk from the Psychology Building).

Dr. Claudia Carello will be giving the last talk in place of Dr. Shaw.

See you in a few hours…


4 thoughts on “Fantastic First Day…prepping for day two

  1. Looked great and looking forward to hearing about the conference in some virtual mode – audio/video/lingo. Please consider sending for uploading to YouTube: perceivingacting.

    • Did anyone record any of the speakers? If you did will you be putting them up anywhere, such as your own website? If not, would you like me to post them on the PA channel? Always happy to spread the word on good EP work…

      • Hi Paul – There wasn’t an official videographer (one of the things that I didn’t think to do until after) – but I’ll will check to see if any recordings got made anyway…

      • Even audio can be useful – as was done at ICPA Portugal and then were uploaded with a few images. See the “Playlist” on the site for many talks from ICPA Portugal. What with iPads etc that can record audio easily it is easy to record audio of a talk now. If the speaker agrees, then I can upload for all to enjoy.

        ISEP members!! Please consider sending me video of your future (or past) talks. I will upload to our eco channel perceivingacting. Free online material is the way it’s going…

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